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  1. when patients are prescribed marijuana
    Thanks to all. My knowledge of "recreational drugs" is so bad. All I know or think of with marijuana is smoking it.
    Apr 16
    Forum: Nursing and Patient Medications
  2. when patients are prescribed marijuana
    We were discussing at work (out patient surgery,) how do hospitals deal with patients who are on prescription marijuana when they are hospitalized? This is in California. Is there any problem...
    Apr 15
    Forum: Nursing and Patient Medications
  3. Plastic Cases-IV Fluids
    I knew a CRNA would come to the rescue. You guys are wonderful. I would take a CRNA anytime over an anesthesiologist. I know it is a guideline. But in PACU, out patient surgery, textbook...
    Mar 6
    Forum: PACU Nursing
  4. how many jobs?
    Do you mean how many jobs in different facilities, or how many different jobs but within the same facility?
    Mar 5
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  5. Plastic Cases-IV Fluids
    WOW...I love your question. I have no idea as to the answer? We do a wide variety of surgeries so i am not a plastics expert. Our plastic patients rarely get more than 1500 ml of crystalloids...
    Mar 5
    Forum: PACU Nursing
  6. Most topics here non-clinical knowledge ones
    I agree, I love the hard sciences as it applies to nursing.....but as soon as I think about asking a clinical question I find I can Google it, or You Tube it or, hit the text books, and get all the...
    Mar 3
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. Safe Nurse Staffing for Patient Safety & Quality Care Act
    It is all too black and white. It is all to us vs them. It is all to big bad corporation bean counters vs wonderful nurses. There is a huge middle ground. There has to be bean counters or...
    Mar 3
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  8. Safe Nurse Staffing for Patient Safety & Quality Care Act
    I worked 11 pm to 7 am acute care hospital med/surg, then ICU, then night supervisor for 17 years. I cannot understand why staffing should be mandated by a politician? I cannot believe on the night...
    Mar 2
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  9. Typical Day at Hospital Ambulatory Surgery
    They are both great jobs. Our hospital ambulatory surgery center and endoscopy center was combined into one unit. I had been a nurse for 20 years before ambulatory nursing, however I had been in...
    Mar 1
    Forum: Ambulatory Care Nursing / Clinic Nursing
  10. RNs, I got a question about pain meds
    A patients reaction to pain is physical and psychological. At the physical, down to the DNA level, opoid receptors vary from person to person, but more importantly from race to race. If their pain...
    Mar 1
    Forum: New York Nursing
  11. Help! Am I Responsible
    Our hospital policies, and the admission form, state the patient is responsible for any personal belongings. However this does not absolve the hospital and care givers from being prudent. Family...
    Feb 27
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  12. RT over-stepping boundaries?
    If I overheard RT discussing lab values....and IF what they were saying was correct I would praise the RT on how knowledgeable they were. I would want them to become my hospital BFF and hope they...
    Feb 25
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  13. Soon to be  New grad
    Yeah, "floating" is a big area of contention with nurses. Most nurses hate to float, most will say a new grad should never float, most will say, "I would never want my family member to be taken...
    Feb 24
    Forum: PACU Nursing
  14. Soon to be  New grad
    Knowing nothing about your pre nursing work experience......a new grad with no hospital, CNA, acute care experience, would be very lucky to get a job in surgery/OR/PACU, (or even any acute care...
    Feb 23
    Forum: PACU Nursing
  15. Nursing Interventions for Abnormal Situations
    I got my cheat notes. I typed them in a small font and printed them on pink paper, cut the paper down to 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 inch size, scotch taped it, punched a hole in the top, and put it through a...
    Feb 22
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  16. Nursing Interventions for Abnormal Situations
    There is a really good nursing thread titled Black Friday Code Blue. But the original post is what NOT to do. Go to the last page of replies and read CodeTeamB's response. That is what to do. ...
    Feb 21
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  17. Nursing Interventions for Abnormal Situations
    My cheat sheet is at work. I will give you my answers on Monday. It is for low and hi HR's not BP's.
    Feb 20
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  18. Circulators how do you handle difficult OR technicians
    Each situation is so unique. There is no one great, one size fits all, answer. You can get very good, (but just "general" ideas,) by to get along with difficult co-workers.
    Feb 20
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  19. Show Me the Money
    If money is that important to you plan ahead. It is very easy to Google salaries then get whatever education is required and apply for those jobs. It doesn't make sense to become a nurse or any...
    Feb 20
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  20. Colonscopy...won't say "never again" but..probably never again
    There is no magic number for moderate sedation drugs by an RN. Commonly 2 to 5 mg. versed, 100 mcg. Fentanyl, but there are many variables. The best and fastest GI Dr. in the world can take...
    Feb 16
    Forum: Gastroenterology Nursing
  21. Nursing Interventions for Abnormal Situations
    I am the queen of dear in the headlights. When my patient goes sour I can't remember ANYTHING. This is after almost 30 years of nursing. I must have the strongest flight response ever...
    Feb 14
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  22. Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists More Likely To See Conspiracy Everywhere
    Correlation does not imply causation. That sentence has too many big words for most conspiracy fanatics. Maybe they will understand this. It has been proven than a child's shoe size correlates...
    Feb 12
    Forum: Pandemic Flu
  23. Dropping tele cables on floor before cleaning
    It is not ideal, we (I) don't do it on purpose. We don't intentionally "drop" them on the floor! Our tele cables are long, we don't remove them from the monitor. When the patient has left and we...
    Feb 12
    Forum: Cardiac Nursing
  24. Calling out sick
    Yes, it is too much. But it does depend on the policy where your work. I am sorry you don't feel well, it may be better for you to cut back your hours and not end up fired. You can work less...
    Feb 11
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  25. Does how much money we make and benefits really matter
    Yes generally speaking any lousy (my words, I don't mean just nursing) job with low pay is not going to get a lot of enthusiastic exuberant workers. However someone with intelligence and foresight...
    Feb 10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion