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  1. CNS vs. CNL
    Not really. The CNS folks are usually attached to a service line. We have quite a few working with Wound/Ostomy Care some Stroke CNS (Stroke Coordinators), CV Specialists, etc. There really aren't...
    Jan 4, '13
    Forum: Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS)
  2. Direct entry MSN/CNL without nursing experience
    I have been reading posts about CNLs, and it sounds like most people are fearful of Direct Entry MSN graduates not having the leadership/experience/training of a traditional nurse. They won't. No one...
    Jan 4, '13
    Forum: Nurse Management
  3. CNS vs. CNL
    I am a CNL working in Dallas/Ft Worth for a large system with 14 entities. The biggest difference here is that I focus my efforts on my clinical microsystem. A CNS will cover a certain disease...
    Jan 4, '13
    Forum: Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS)
  4. all those who have been through or are considering UT's CNL program
    An old topic, but I feel the need to weigh in. University of Toledo's CNL program is great, I graduated in 2009. Our class was about 31, down from 35 in the start. (8 of which were man-nurses) as...
    Sep 24, '10
    Forum: Post Graduate Nursing Student

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