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  1. anyone else apply to moore norman tech?
    I am applying for the day program starting in aug. I was wondering if anyone know what the points were for last yr to get in. Has anyone graduated from there ,would you recommend it. Just looking for...
    May 13, '09
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  2. wanting info on rose state rn program
    I am going to apply for rn program that starts in jan 09, i was wondering how many points does it take to make it in, and what gpa usually makes it. also has anyone done this program or are in it...
    Apr 4, '08
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  3. OCCC and Rose Students/grads
    I am taking basics, at osu-okc i would like to get in in fall but i don't know if i will have enough points. I will take hesi in march, any advice on what to study most, anyone has already taken it...
    Feb 13, '08
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  4. Platt RN's?
    i too am considering platt. i can start in jan 08 for lpn and be done in 11.5 months. i was worried about the nln until i called some colleges. only occc requires u to take 2 additional classes and a...
    Nov 24, '07
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  5. looking for lpn program around okc area
    Thanks alot for responding. Do you know if I went for lpn there, would I be able to then get a Rn through another school or do you have to stay at whatever metrotech you attend to get it? Good...
    Oct 27, '06
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  6. sick of ADN vs BSN! like most of us have a choice anyway!
    Hi:lol2: I live in okc and was wondering what cc here offers nursing and how long it takes if u go full time? How hard was it to get and how many spots they have open each semester? I will be...
    Oct 25, '06
    Forum: Registered Nurses: Diploma / ADN / BSN
  7. Looking for shortest rn program in okc area
    Hi I am wondering if there is a program to go straight for rn at votech or community college in okc area. And what kind of wait list there might be. Also how long the program would be. ...
    Oct 25, '06
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  8. looking for lpn program around okc area
    Thanks that is helpful info. I did not know that platt wasn't nln accredited. I had called them and they didn't say that. How are the classes at metrotech? Is it nice classes do they explain...
    Oct 25, '06
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  9. looking for lpn program around okc area
    hi I am wanting to start a lpn program at the first of the year or this spring. If anyone knows a good school here I would like some input. Also which one is the easiest to get into to.
    Oct 22, '06
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  10. UCO nursing school
    I was wondering how long is the rn program there at uco? I trying to decide where to go .
    Oct 21, '06
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  11. pre nursing student
    :wavey: hi, I live in okc ok, I am wanting to know if if anyone out there knows of a good school here to get my rn. I have seen votech programs for lpn but I don't know if that will transfer to...
    Oct 19, '06
    Forum: Introductions / Greetings

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