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  1. Chamberlain College of Nursing , Miramar campus
    Hey! I'm looking into this school as well. What did you need in order to get into the school prerequisites wise? And how much is the tuition there? Like a round about number? Super expensive?
    Sep 28, '12
    Forum: Chamberlain College Online Nursing
  2. Broward College starting Jan 2013
    They have changed the prerequisites from chemistry to math classes. And it's possible that they are adding microbiology into the mix as well.
    Sep 27, '12
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  3. Broward College starting Jan 2013
    I have the same thing!!! Okay so glad you have it as well. I think it just means they haven't awarded us all the points yet. I have hosa hesi and GPA section blank. Ill go in tomorrow and ask
    Sep 26, '12
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  4. Broward College starting Jan 2013
    I applied in July and I've been waiting and waiting. I've spoken to the nursing directors and staff and they all said its unlikely that we will know before October 15th. Hopefully we all get in!
    Sep 24, '12
    Forum: Florida Nursing
  5. Finished the HESI today!
    Received an 88.8%. Put in my nursing application right after! Fingers crossed :)
    Aug 22, '12
    Forum: HESI Entrance exam
  6. Math section of A&P
    Was there a larger number of multiple choice or was it mainly fill in the blank? And did you receive the calculator on every single math question??? I'm taking mine tomorrow morning! A little nervous...
    Aug 21, '12
    Forum: HESI Entrance exam
  7. Just finished taking HESI A2! My experience might help you...
    I take mine on wednesday!!! ^^^ same questions!!
    Aug 19, '12
    Forum: HESI Entrance exam
  8. Taking Hesi A2 Exam in 2 weeks!!! Help!!
    My portions are reading, grammar, math, vocab and A&P! Is there anyone who could give me some tips on the A&P portion? Really really trying to earn a 90% or above!! Please and thanks!
    Aug 6, '12
    Forum: HESI Entrance exam
  9. Just finished taking HESI A2! My experience might help you...
    Hey! Thanks for much for the tips. I'm taking the test in two weeks with the exact portions you took. I've been studying for the past 2 months just going over the sections but now I really need to...
    Aug 6, '12
    Forum: HESI Entrance exam

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