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  1. Washington
    Hi! Any nurses traveling to Spokane in August??
    Jun 28, '13
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  2. Washington
    Hi! Any nurses traveling to Spokane?? I'll be there in August and don't know a soul!
    Jun 28, '13
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  3. maybe moving to TN- salary/job availability questions
    I've recently moved to the area from RI. I have 2 years of experience. I interviewed at Wellmont for a cardiac position. I was offered the job at 18/hour. I then interviewed at MSHA and am taking a...
    May 27, '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  4. moving to bristol area
    Congrats on your move. I am moving from RI to the Bristol area next week. I had an interview on a critical care unit at Wellmont in Johnson City (or was it Kingsport). It was a very nice hospital and...
    May 4, '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  5. Moving to TN
    Hi! I am going to be moving to the tri-city area from RI. I'm an RN and I prefer long term care/ skilled nursing facilities. Does anyone have any information on where is good and where I should...
    May 3, '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing

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