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  1. Immunosupressed RN's
    One of my best friends was the most awesome ER RN ever even with a renal transplant. However, she was very cautious especially with pedi diarrhea pts, possible meningitis and obviously infectious...
    5:53 pm
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  2. Do you remember?
    Remember standing up when the doctor walked on the floor? Smoking with the doctor and pts at the nurses station? Sterilizing bedpans in the "hopper?"
    12:28 pm
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  3. Denied by patient
    We recently had the unfortunate occasion to have a very ill grandchild. She underwent a bronch, then craniectomy, then peg/trach, then bronch all separate procedures. She was cared for in a level...
    5:10 am
    Forum: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
  4. Are all these certifications worth it?
    Hmm...I worked in a level one trauma center ER for 10 years, then have been a nephrology APN for the past 8 years. I also volunteer on my rural fire dept. I have kept CEN, ACLS instructor, BLS...
    Aug 19
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  5. New nurse and big mistakes
    Just a polite reminder - please debate the topic, not the poster. Thanks on....
    Aug 19
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  6. Pediatric Home Health or Nursing Home?
    Merged two wishes with your job opportunities.
    Aug 19
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  7. How I Studied for the TEAS 5... HTH
    Just a word of caution. We do not allow soliciting of copyrighted material. Thanks
    Aug 18
    Forum: TEAS Exam Help
  8. Possible 36 week delivery, hospital has no NICU
    You have gotten some good advice....we advise you to discuss this further with your provider
    Aug 18
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  9. Latent TB result.. help..
    We are so very sorry for what you both are going thru. While we can offer support, we can't provide any medical advice. We do wish you both well.
    Aug 18
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  10. Aspiring CRNA in need insight!
    Moving to pre=CRNA forum.
    Aug 17
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  11. I need a change! FNP Burnout!
    What is the problem? Your current position? The pts? The docs? Money?
    Aug 17
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  12. LPN
    Moved to Excelsior Forum.
    Aug 17
    Forum: Excelsior College Online Nursing Degrees
  13. Not exactly on that subject
    Hi - not sure what you are asking? D you want to become a physician or a nurse practitioner that specializes in OB or GYN?
    Aug 17
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  14. What would you do?
    Agree with calling the office with an FYI. Don't think it needs to GI further than this. All of us use electronic means to notify pts of results...much more efficient.
    Aug 17
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  15. Can an employer ask this question?
    Merged two threads so all your advice will be in one thread. as others have stated, you come across here as someone that really needs to ficus in getting themselves healthy FIRST before you can...
    Aug 17
    Forum: Nurses With Disabilities
  16. Working with stipulations
    This thread is almost two years old.
    Aug 16
    Forum: Nurses / Recovery
  17. Nursing in the Community
    Just a reminder - please be aware that AN does not allow posting verbatim from copyrighted material. Thanks.
    Aug 16
    Forum: Nursing Student Assistance
  18. My poor husband
    This thread has been edited to reflect our terms of service. Thanks
    Aug 16
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  19. NP bridge from MSN
    Moved to Advanced Practice Nursing. Post MSN certificates are quite simple: you do the three P's: adv pathophys, adv pharm, adv assessment and the required clinical hours.
    Aug 15
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing
  20. Road to success
    Sorry - maybe reading up on those subjects would help? How do you know you want to do peds? Do you have other experience to draw from?
    Aug 15
    Forum: Pediatric Nursing
  21. Coworker is Innappropriate
    Multiple posts have been deleted due to being off topic. Please stick to the topic at hand - debate the topic, not the poster. Thanks.
    Aug 15
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  22. Road to success
    Do you care for kids in the OR? if so, I would emohasize you are a pain control advocate and then mention nonpharmacologocal means like play therapy, imagery, use of Child Life specialists ...
    Aug 14
    Forum: Pediatric Nursing
  23. Girl brain dead part deux
    Just a quick reminder that IF you are involved in the care of this child, please do not reveal any details as this most definitely a highly publicized case as well as the possibility of a HIPAA...
    Aug 13
    Forum: Nursing News
  24. 25 page study guide PDF help!!!
    AN does NOT endorse any PDF or any study guide. Please be aware that when experienced nurses have reviewed some of these STUDY GUIDES - there are errors. We urge everyone to use ONLY...
    Aug 12
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  25. UTHSC Spring 2015 application
    Just a caution - please do not be specific with material on the exams. We don't want any risk of compromising the test. Thanks everyone and best wishes.
    Aug 12
    Forum: Online Nursing Schools, Traditional Schools, Colleges, Universities