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  1. Things you would love to say to your fellow nursing students!
    How about "If you would put away the computer games and listen to the lecture you might not have to take this semester for a THIRD time!" Oh wait... I did say that...oops!
    Aug 15, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  2. Tulsa Nursing Opinions! Please!
    The cutoff varies from year to year depending on the applicant pool. This past year was extreamly high but it isn't always that way. You get points based on the grades you get five classes specific...
    Aug 15, '09
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  3. Career Change to RN - TCC or RSU?
    The combined class will transfer however you get extra points on your nursing application if you take it at RSU.
    Aug 14, '09
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  4. Tulsa Nursing Opinions! Please!
    I am currently in my second year of nursing at RSU and I LOVE IT!! The instructors are truly there for you and not against you. They are tough but very fair. I tried TCC and they had issues...
    Aug 14, '09
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  5. Career Change to RN - TCC or RSU?
    i was in the same boat that you are now. my advice is to not even mess with tcc and do all pre-reqs at rsu. while they only look at the five classes you do get extra points for having taken the...
    Aug 13, '09
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  6. NCLEX Takers Support Thread
    Thank you all!! I passed!!
    Aug 8, '09
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  7. NCLEX Takers Support Thread
    Hello everyone!! This is a great thread and I feel we all need help in this world. I will be taking my PN Aug 6th and could use all the prayers and positive thoughts you can give. Thank you all...
    Aug 5, '09
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  8. Please tell me I am not crazy for turning this down
    If there are other options in your area keep looking. I went to the local Oklahoma University campus and the rude lady told me that I would never (with a laugh) make it into nursing school with my...
    Jul 24, '08
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  9. Oklahoma introductions....
    Hello all!! I have been a lurker on this site so I guess I should make my intro. I'm Pam and I live in Midtown Tulsa. I worked at the Tulsa Zoo for almost eleven years but realized that I didn't...
    Jun 30, '08
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  10. Any starting in Fall 2008
    Hello! I just came across this thread and thought I would add to it. I am starting NS this fall at RSU in OK. I am so ready for it. I have been a Nurse Tech for two years and I am ready to start...
    Jun 7, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  11. anyone waiting on RSU acceptence letter?
    I sent an email but it was returned. I would love to have the notes if you still have them. Thank you for the offer! Pamela Bingham
    Jun 6, '08
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  12. anyone waiting on RSU acceptence letter?
    I got my letter yesterday. Thank god!! I was really starting to stress out!
    May 22, '08
    Forum: Oklahoma Nursing
  13. Pre-Nursing "Support" Group
    This is a great idea. I am worried sick about it but what will be will be I guess. I am 32 and had a midlife crisis at 30. I was a zookeeper, great job but no advancement, and I wanted to do...
    Feb 17, '08
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student

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