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  1. Why do some discourage me to go into OR?
    Hi, I have been in the OR for 16 years and now I am at a point where I will discourage anyone, in particular a new Grad. The OR is a eat or be eaten world and most of the time a very stressfull...
    Apr 16, '00
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  2. Info for OR chart audits and mock trauma
    Dear OR Nurse, please send me any information you have regarding chart audits (forms, input, experience with) and/or mock trauma set ups for the OR Thank you ------------------ Mobsy
    Apr 15, '00
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing
  3. Chart Audits & Mock Trauma Ideas, please
    Dear fellow OR - RN, if you have any ideas or even a existing form an peri-op chart audits and/or a policy on mock traumas, please, please, please help me out fast !!!!!!! Thank you so much ...
    Apr 15, '00
    Forum: Operating Room Nursing

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