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  1. Home Infusion Per Diem
    Iluvivt has given you a great run down of home infusions. Everything she has said was exactly the same for my last job. I also did per diem, the hours were always there whenever I wanted to work. ...
    Apr 6, '09
    Forum: Infusion Nursing / Intravenous Nursing
  2. Home Remedies - Share Yours
    LOL I hear ya!
    Apr 6, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  3. My life.
    Congratulations on everything, your story will inspire others for sure!
    Apr 5, '09
    Forum: Nurses / Recovery
  4. The Circumcision Discussion
    Well, I found out in December that I was having a baby boy. He's due in just a few weeks now. I brought up the whole circ conversation with my husband (who was cut as a baby-he's 48 yo now) and he...
    Apr 5, '09
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  5. Illegal mixing of Medication??
    When I worked Home Care and did infusions, everything came from our pharmacy mixed. Our pharmacy techs mixed our meds under hoods and they were always gloved, masked, and in gowns. Not sure how it...
    Apr 5, '09
    Forum: Infusion Nursing / Intravenous Nursing
  6. I think I made a bad choice.
    I think you just need some experience and confidence. It will all come to you, it's still new though. Give it time and keep trying! What the heck is your preceptor talking about "was the amount of...
    Mar 19, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. I just can't believe this one!
    Where were the officers? If this were an inmate then he should have had officers with him at all times. Our inmates go down to the OR all the time for surgeries and the officers are required to be...
    Mar 5, '09
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  8. "Rooming in" on Mother/Baby - not one size fits all
    Hmmm....must be the military way. I was in the exact same situation at a Naval Hospital. My husband was not allowed to stay with me either. I had been up almost 48 hours as well. I was seriously...
    Mar 5, '09
    Forum: Ob/Gyn Nursing
  9. Baby closer to heart transplant..
    What a sad story that families must go through this mess because of money and insurance companies. I was glad to read the second article to find that he is in Pittsburgh now. Hopefully he will...
    Mar 5, '09
    Forum: Nursing News
  10. Paramedics saying they are nurses---is this legal?
    Are they EMTs or Paramedics? Paramedics in VA have a lot more training and school time than an EMT. Paramedics here are taught more than just trauma and what to do in emergencies. EMTs are not.
    Feb 25, '09
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  11. "LPNs should be done away with altogether"
    Wow, in VA where I practice as an LPN we do just about everything RNs do. I have been nursing for 9 years. I work on a Med-Surg/Tele floor and I work alone, yes, that's right alone, unless I have...
    Feb 25, '09
    Forum: LPN / LVN Corner
  12. does prison nursing affect your home life?
    I work on a secured floor at a hospital and we are locked in. We have officers here with us the whole time, never alone when we enter a patient's/inmate's room. As far as the name goes, we're not...
    Aug 30, '08
    Forum: Correctional Nursing
  13. States accepting ISU...I'm posting the list here.
    Thanks for posting this. I live in VA and had planned to do EC, until recently VA said they wouldn't accept them anymore so I've been looking for an alternate way to get my RN without having to go...
    Aug 28, '08
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning

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