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  1. Evansville, Indiana
    ADN2003 how is Carbondale going? Considering heading that way since it's close to home so any info on the hospital would be great!
    Aug 16, '13
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  2. University of Arizona BSN-DNP
    I know this post is starting to die down but just wanted to see how many of you are doing this program long distance? I noticed it is an online program but wanted to see how far away you all will be...
    Jun 17, '13
    Forum: Student Nurse Practitioner
  3. Travel to Tampa area next winter
    I spent last winter in Tampa, but not with Baycare. If I ever went back I would go through them though. I've heard good things about the company as well as the housing. I was told by a few people it...
    May 2, '13
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  4. Where to best snowbird in AZ??
    Hey all! ICU nurse here looking to head to Arizona for the snowbird season in January and wanted to get your opinion of where to avoid or where to try to go. Current assignment doesn't end until Dec...
    Oct 7, '12
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  5. VA/DC area hospital thoughts..
    Anyone have experience at Innova in Fairfax,VA? Any help would be appreciated!
    Apr 26, '12
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  6. Memphis,TN??
    Anyone have experience working in the ICU at St. Francis in Memphis? Looking to get closer to home and this might be my best shot but don't want to go if it's too bad. Any help would be appreciated!
    Apr 13, '12
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  7. Any info on this hospital?
    Got a call the other day about an icu position in Zephyrhills, FL. Looks like a pretty small facility which could be either good or bad. Just wondering if anyone has any info on this place-good or...
    Oct 6, '11
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  8. Feedback on locations please!!
    Hey travelers! Trying to find my next location and would really like to know if anyone has any feedback on these places....any advice, tips, knowledge about traveler friendly environments are...
    Jun 23, '11
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  9. Feedback on locations please!!
    Hey travelers! Trying to find my next location and would really like to know if anyone has any feedback on these places....any advice, tips, knowledge about traveler friendly environments are...
    Jun 23, '11
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  10. Minot, ND?
    lol I know! My recruiter called me and mentioned it too-safe to say that won't be happening any time soon!
    Jun 23, '11
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  11. Minot, ND?
    Hey everyone- just wondering if anyone has any info on traveling to this area. The hospital would be Trinity. Considering this for assignment so if anyone has any tidbits let me know! Thanks!
    Jun 15, '11
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  12. Thoughts on this travel company???
    Hey everyone! I received a call from Aureus Medical the other day regarding a travel job but wanted to get some opinions before I agree to anything. Anyone have experience with this company-good or...
    Apr 29, '11
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  13. RV's anyone???
    Rod, Thanks for all the advice on rv living as well as tax preparations! My question to you is what is the prevalence of tankless water heaters in an rv? Also, have you found that companies are...
    Mar 14, '11
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  14. RV's anyone???
    Thanks so much for your input!!! I can't wait to get started traveling! What kind of RV do you use? I am interested in a class C realistically speaking, but am extremely worried about needing to pull...
    Dec 23, '10
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  15. RV's anyone???
    RNERHOUSESUPOR- I enjoy reading your posts from your travels as I plan to start traveling this time next year. I would really like to see the country from the RV and plan to have a friend join me....
    Dec 20, '10
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  16. Where to PRN in Nashville?
    I'm looking for a PRN position in Nashville or surrounding areas. I"m willing to do either hospital or LTC, but since I'm not from here I'm not familiar with who to avoid or where to look...
    Nov 28, '09
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  17. Vandy Nurse Residency ?s
    Just wanted to say that I will also be starting the Residency on the 26th. I'm also an ADN student from out of state and had the same worries, but it wasn't an issue. I have heard from more and more...
    Jan 20, '09
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  18. december nclex supporters
    Hey guys- I take my last final tomorrow and I'm hoping to test in Dec. as well. I want to wish everyone good luck!! You can do it!:yelclap:
    Nov 30, '08
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  19. Buy Hesi Review or Not, what do you think?
    Do you have to take a HESI exam before you graduate? If you do then I would definitely recommend buying a HESI book. When I took my exit HESI that book was the only thing I studied and the only...
    Nov 19, '08
    Forum: Nursing Student Assistance
  20. New Vandy Graduate Nurse Residents
    Hey guys I was just wondering if you knew when we would find out that our background checks were all good and get our packets? I'm going crazy thinkin about all the little things that could go...
    Nov 19, '08
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  21. Vandy employees
    Thanks so much neurorachel. That is actually my plan too. I want to get a few years experience under my belt and then do travel nursing for a couple of years. Are you happy with your assignments so...
    Nov 17, '08
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  22. Has Anyone Graduated From JCC?
    I am graduating from their program in Dec and there are very mixed opinions about JCC. Obviously the administration does suck and they don't seem to be organized to some degree, but I do think that...
    Nov 13, '08
    Forum: Kentucky Nursing
  23. A bedbath NIGHTMARE!
    Don't let your partner or classmates discourage you from becoming a nurse! Like a previous poster said, EVERYONE has something that gets them- I'm getting ready to graduate and I can handle just...
    Nov 10, '08
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  24. Vandy employees
    Hey everyone I just have a few questions about working at Vanderbilt. Do they do self scheduling? Do they have uniform scrubs or can you wear whatever kind you want? What is the nurse/patient...
    Nov 10, '08
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  25. any nurses that work at vanderbilt med. ctr?
    Hey roxiejay I was just checkin in to see if you got your job offer email yet??? I got mine a few days ago and I nearly passed out! Let me know when you get yours!!
    Nov 10, '08
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing

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