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  1. Tired of searching for CRNA Interview Questions?? Make this thread a one stop shop!!!
    Here's my list of non-clinical interview questions. These came from hours of searching this and other forums, questions from friends in programs, and the first seven were directly from my first...
    Mar 3, '08
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  2. Child Care in Ft Worth
    Check your PMs. I sent you a message.
    Feb 25, '08
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  3. I'm in.  Info for others and what worked for me.
    Sorry for the delay in responding to the posts, I've been busy working A LOT to save some extra cash for school. nspeed22 - Any GPA above 3.5/3.6 is fine, don't think twice about not having a...
    Feb 19, '08
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry
  4. I'm in.  Info for others and what worked for me.
    First post. I thought I'd wait until it was useful. I used a lot of information from this forum to prepare myself for CRNA school and more importantly, the dreaded CRNA school interviews. I...
    Feb 15, '08
    Forum: Pre-CRNA Inquiry