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  1. Anyone else "only" going for LPN?
    I have been an RN since June of this year who had previously been an LPN since 2009. I had no intentions at first to further my education when I first obtained my LPN license. But like another poster...
    Oct 12
    Forum: LPN / LVN Nursing Student
  2. It's Raining Jobs!!!
    Thanks for the support everyone! I start my four-week floor orientation tonight!! I will come back in a month to let you know if I survived!
    Aug 4
    Forum: Success Stories in Nursing
  3. It's Raining Jobs!!!
    You're right! I don't know about everyone else, but I am the sole financial provider for myself and many bills to pay, therefore I could not afford to be choosy. Also, because I'm single with no...
    Aug 3
    Forum: Success Stories in Nursing
  4. It's Raining Jobs!!!
    Thanks very much!
    Aug 2
    Forum: Success Stories in Nursing
  5. It's Raining Jobs!!!
    The treasure coast of Florida (don't want to be too specific as to my location).
    Aug 2
    Forum: Success Stories in Nursing
  6. It's Raining Jobs!!!
    So I had previously been an LPN for four and a half years before graduating and passing my NCLEX in June--my entire nursing career had been in home health. I was pretty scared once I began applying...
    Aug 2
    Forum: Success Stories in Nursing
  7. LPN to RN Bridge at Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations (WPB, FL)
    My experience in the program, I have to be 100% honest, was not the best. It is a very fast paced program, and you're expected to do a lot of self study. You can't let yourself fall behind AT ALL...
    Jul 18
    Forum: LPN to RN Nursing Student
  8. LPN to RN Bridge at Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations (WPB, FL)
    Muchas gracias;)
    Jul 10
    Forum: LPN to RN Nursing Student
  9. LPN vs. RN program difficulty
    I completed an LPN program in 2009 and worked as an LPN for a couple of years prior to going back for my RN in 2013. For me, my LPN program was far easier than the RN program. In the LPN program, I...
    Jul 9
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  10. LPN to RN Bridge at Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations (WPB, FL)
    Hello everyone!! Graduated from ANHO in early June (only 41 out of 100 made it), took NCLEX yesterday, and found out I passed today! No complaints, in and out in a year, and now I have RN status!!...
    Jun 24
    Forum: LPN to RN Nursing Student
  11. My Ideal Belated Bday Gift Would Be To...
    Thanks a lot! Just found out passed this morning:) Add one more to the roster of RN's on All Nurses!
    Jun 24
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  12. My Ideal Belated Bday Gift Would Be To...
    Pass NCLEX, of course:) So my goal was to take and pass boards prior to my 30th birthday which was Friday. My ATT letter took longer than expected to arrive, so the earliest I could schedule the test...
    Jun 23
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  13. What reality show do you follow?
    I love many of the frivolous Oxygen channel shows, particularly The Bad Girls Club. Sloppy drunk 20 somethings with a chip on their shoulder and lots of drama! Helps me to escape my boring,...
    Jun 13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  14. What Should I Be Doing Right Now?
    Trust me, just relax doing working and enjoying your hobbies during the summer because it will be full speed ahead once nursing school starts. The fall will be here before you it, so spend time with...
    May 28
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  15. Graduating next week!
    Congrats! I too graduate this month!! Last test is today (please keep your fingers crossed for me!). Then its on to NCLEX and our new lives as RN's:) It's been a hard journey but it's all worth it!
    May 14
    Forum: LPN to RN Nursing Student
  16. RN or no?
    I would say take a year or so off to wind down from school and really soak in the responsibilities of your job and become the proficient nurse you were trained to be. If by then you can envision...
    Apr 15
    Forum: LPN to RN Nursing Student
  17. How long did you wait to go back to school?
    I earned my LPN license September 2009 and began my RN bridge program May 2013. I am set to finish my program next month. I have worked anywhere between 30 and 45 hours a week the entire year so...
    Apr 13
    Forum: LPN to RN Nursing Student
  18. Are you willing to move out of your city to find jobs?
    I am also most willing and able to relocate as well. I will try every hospital, nursing home, hospice, clinic, and home health agency in my state first. If I have no luck in the first few months then...
    Apr 7
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  19. LPN to RN Bridge at Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations (WPB, FL)
    Well, AD79, you're entitled to your own opinion. I have done exceptionally well in the program and will finish in six weeks near the top of my class. ANHO does have its faults, like any other nursing...
    Apr 7
    Forum: LPN to RN Nursing Student
  20. Is it worth working as an LPN while getting your RN?
    I lived on my own and worked full-time as an LPN while doing my bridge program, which I graduate from this June. I have loved my time as an LPN. My experience has laid the foundation for my upcoming...
    Mar 12
    Forum: LPN / LVN Nursing Student
  21. Graduating May 2014! :)
    Count me in the May 2014 club as well!!
    Mar 3
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  22. What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?
    HHA-age 21, CNA-age 23, LPN-school age 24 (just turned 25 when I received licensure), RN-May 2014 (one month shy of my 30th birthday). Will enroll in an RN to MSN bridge in either Leadership and...
    Feb 17
    Forum: Registered Nurses: Diploma / ADN / BSN
  23. Living independently while in Nursing school, is it possible?
    You could get another part time job or perhaps ask your job for full time hours, get (hopefully another student around your age), and get an affordable apartment.
    Feb 5
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  24. How did you manage LPN school and working?
    While I did not work in LPN school, I do work in my LPN to RN bridge program as do nearly all of my classmates. Many of them work weekend Baylor shifts (16 hour shifts Sat and Sun) plus perhaps pick...
    Jan 25
    Forum: LPN / LVN Nursing Student
  25. What was/are the 3 things that got/get you through nursing school?
    McDonald's Chocolate Chip Frappes, working many hours so that my quality of life doesn't suffer while in school, and self-confidence.
    Jan 10
    Forum: General Nursing Student

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