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  1. Am I right to feel irritated? What can I do about it?
    I need a little perspective here. I work 12's at an LTAC that routinely gives you 6-7 patients who are all vented, total dependent, on titrated drips...very sick in other words. I am almost 8 months...
    Sep 6, '12
    Forum: Long Term Acute Care (LTAC/LTACH)
  2. How to get through 12.5 hour shifts pregnant
    Hi all, I am a new grad RN still working in an LTAC as a CNA. I am supposed to transition to an RN role in June, (even though I have been licensed as an RN for a month now!) I am three months...
    May 3, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  3. albuterol med calculations
    Hi there, I am trying to figure out the dosing for a 30kg child's nebulizer. My med book states "0.15mg/Kg/dose Q20min. for three doses." But then it says "not to exceed 10mg." ! By my calculations a...
    Oct 1, '11
    Forum: Pediatric Nursing
  4. Alternative to BSN Bachelor degrees
    Hi Folks, I am currently an ASN student and am sure that I will continue with my Bachelor's degree. I would like to know if there are there any alternatives to a BSN that will increase my hireability...
    May 17, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  5. Caring for Violent patient
    Hi everyone. I am in clinicals and caring for a schizophrenic patient on a rehab floor. The pt. is classified as catatonic, he doesn't speak and moves rarely. He will bite,punch and kick whenever...
    Apr 25, '10
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  6. Need advice on body mechanics
    Hi there, I am a student nurse who would appreciate tips on body mechanics/client movement techniques. We learned a bit in class but it was quickly taught and not very thorough. I am 5'11 (6'1" with...
    Feb 11, '10
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  7. Are private loans worth it?
    Thanks for the detailed information everyone. Unfortunately Roxbury does not deal with any Federal loans. They take grants but there was a scandal at some point involving theft of Federal loan money...
    Jan 8, '10
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing
  8. Are private loans worth it?
    Hi all, I have a question about private student loans in relation to the typical salary/job outlook for a new grad ADN. I am attending Roxbury Community College's RN program starting next week. I did...
    Jan 7, '10
    Forum: Massachusetts Nursing