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  1. Jefferson 2013 APW program
    Congratz to everyone thus far! I think I have somewhat of a similar background as you all -also a BS in Bio, originally thought of going pre-vet so I have a ton of experience with animals but not as...
    Feb 19, '13
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  2. Jefferson 2013 APW program
    Congratz! Do you think you'll go or are you looking elsewhere?
    Jan 18, '13
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  3. Jefferson 2013 APW program
    Well I was a Bio major, my overall was about a 3.3 with around 3.6 in my prerequisites...Do you submit through nursingCAS for that because I believe it takes a few days to even get to them from there
    Jan 18, '13
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  4. Jefferson 2013 APW program
    I was just accepted, haven't put the deposit in but it was my first choice so I will soon!
    Jan 17, '13
    Forum: Pennsylvania Nursing
  5. Jefferson APW Interview
    I was contacted right before the holidays for an interview for the APW program at Jefferson. However, nothing has been set in stone, and the adviser has been difficult to get a hold of. I know I...
    Jan 7, '13
    Forum: Advanced Practice Nursing