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  1. UNC ABSN 2013
    i got in too! so excited, and my status is still not updated on myunc either. congrats to everyone! and don't give up I definitely tried and tried! Apparently the class I had a C in (statistics)...
    Oct 12, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  2. UNC ABSN 2013
    my status hasn't changed either
    Oct 9, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  3. UNC ABSN 2013
    wow! soooo nervous! I can't believe that they told you that over the phone, but glad to know :) here's hoping good things for all of us
    Oct 8, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  4. UNC ABSN 2013
    the wait is killing me!! :) hope you are all doing well. let's definitely let each other know if anyone receives a letter or if connect carolina status changes.
    Oct 2, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  5. UNC ABSN 2013
    Wow, that sounds stressful, hope everything is ok! I am certainly not an expert, but sounds competitive to me. I know that they do evaluations once in a while to see if anything transfers from a...
    Sep 11, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  6. UNC ABSN 2013
    i think last year was a lot harder too because they had just had the funding cuts
    Sep 10, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  7. UNC ABSN 2013
    last time, I think we found out around the 2nd or 3rd week of october, but I am not positive. Yes, they did advise me to do more volunteer work, and I also had a C in statistics, which I retook for...
    Sep 10, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing
  8. UNC ABSN 2013
    Hi, just wondering if anyone else is waiting to hear back for admission to UNC's ABSN this january. We can keep our fingers crossed together! This is my 2nd time applying to their ABSN program, I...
    Sep 10, '12
    Forum: North Carolina Nursing

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