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  1. Dubai- Agency or On your own?
    My husband and myself are considering moving to Dubai. He has well over 15 years as an ER nurse. Me 3 ER learning ICU now. What are the chances of us finding employment? Should we find an agency or...
    Jun 21, '09
    Forum: International Nursing
  2. Help a newbie out. :)
    thanks for the information. I appreciate it. :nuke:
    Jul 10, '08
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  3. I'll be blunt. . . .
    We'll we are mainlanders moving back. HUbby feels more at home in Hawaii then anywhere else. I hope we get a warm or at least luke warm reception when we move back there. We are leaving our home in...
    Jul 5, '08
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  4. Help a newbie out. :)
    So hubby and I got the bright idea to move to Hawaii he grew up there as a kid and wants to return. We are both ER nurses. He works house super as well. We are lost about which hospital to choose. ...
    Jul 5, '08
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing
  5. Aloha....introduce yourself
    Hi Ida nurse for 3 years working in Socal right now but going back to Oahu in June 09. I can't wait! Hubby and I are both nurses looking for work soon.
    Jul 5, '08
    Forum: Hawaii Nursing