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  1. Did Travel Nurse Agencies kill the field?
    I am an independant nurse contractor. Which means I've cut out the middle man (the agency). I am my own agency. I know what the hospitals are paying agencies for nurses. By the time I pay my own...
    Mar 14, '09
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  2. Which agency to choose! ED RN HELP
    For California, look into Agostini (nursesonthego). After seaching through at least 8 companies, Agostini paid the best....and when they say "fully furnished housing", they mean exactly that. Other...
    Mar 14, '09
    Forum: Travel Nursing
  3. Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.
    Sorry.....I can't fix stupid.
    Mar 14, '09
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  4. What was the MOST ridiculous thing a patient came to the ER for?
    mom brings 7y/o daughter in cuz step mom braided 7y/o hair to tight and now her head hurts. 7y/o is playing happily on cart with barbie doll. Mom sts she can't get braids out cuz they are to tight....
    Mar 14, '09
    Forum: Emergency Nursing

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