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  1. EKG app for Android
    Anyone have a reliable and accurate EKG (12 lead, not telemetry) interpretation app for Android? Try as I might, I just can't keep all that info in my head :) Thanks ETA: It doesn't have to be...
    May 13, '13
    Forum: Mobile Apps For Nurses
  2. Trust?
    Ask. Even if you don't get what you want you're showing initiative and a desire to stretch beyond your comfort zone.
    Mar 14, '13
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  3. New grads and the VA
    Apply. The application process is so long, you could have your license before you get through it LOL. And yes, the VA does hire new least mine did :)
    Feb 27, '13
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  4. 12 Hour Shifts
    My facility works every other weekend...that means to get your weekend, or any other 2 days/nights off in a row on an 8 hours shift schedule, you work 6 shifts in a row. I'd like to see some...
    Feb 15, '13
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  5. MD refuses to sign a telephone order.
    Have to agree with Netglow...the OP is new. She mis-spoke, or maybe isn't clear on the differences between types of ICU's having only experienced the one she's in. How about we help her out by...
    Dec 29, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  6. Preceptor said..."You could have lost your license!"
    Wondering why the Doc found it necessary to call a code Stroke if the pt's NIH was negative?
    Nov 8, '12
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  7. CCRN Practice Tests
    I was scoring 80-90% on my practice tests (PASS CCRN! disk) and I passed on my first try. Remember though, cardiac and pulmonary make up much larger portions of the test than anything else. I didn't...
    Nov 2, '12
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  8. how many calories do you think nursing burns up?
    nope. Higher heartrate = more calories burned, although there are some caveats to this. Wear a heartrate monitor to work, then wear it to the gym. IF you're doing your workout at a proper...
    Oct 2, '12
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  9. how many calories do you think nursing burns up?
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless you're consistently getting your heart rate up to exercise levels at work - and then keeping them there for 20 mins or a half hour - all the walking,...
    Oct 2, '12
    Forum: Health / Stress Management 101
  10. Night shifters - ever experience this?
    This might sound counter-intuitive, but have you had a vacation lately? I've been on night shift for nearly a year as a nurse, but I did them regularly in the military too. It seems like I need a...
    Sep 29, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  11. some advice needed
    First and foremost, quit worrying about being a "great" nurse, just focus on being a competent and safe nurse, ok? Great comes later. In the ICU, it comes a LOT later. I don't know what kind of...
    Sep 27, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  12. Confusing Levo and Neo
    How about remembering that the N's DON'T go together? IE Norepi is Not Neo? ETA: I constantly confuse brand names with USP names. I still can't keep Ativan/lorazepam Versed/midazolam straight in...
    Sep 4, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  13. EPIC documentation check list
    If anyone wanted to try to contract Apple, I would happily donate to the cause!
    Sep 2, '12
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  14. Nurse/patient ratio at Aurora Kenosha?
    Bluewolf, what sort of schedule are you working there?
    Aug 18, '12
    Forum: Wisconsin Nursing
  15. N Chicago VA
    Anyone know what sort of schedules they work (ie 8 vs 12 hr shifts, etc). I'm mostly wondering about ICU but would like information about the regular wards as well. THanks :)
    Aug 16, '12
    Forum: Illinois Nursing
  16. N Chicago VA ICU scheduling question
    Does anyone know what sort of schedule the N Chicago VA ICU(s) have - 8 hour shifts or 12, set shifts or rotation, etc? Thanks
    Aug 14, '12
    Forum: Government / Military Nursing
  17. I snapped at work and... I dont know what to do...
    Go see your therapist NOW. PLEASE. For your own sake.
    Aug 4, '12
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  18. Troponin leak and pressor of choice.
    The high WBCs, esp with metabolic acidosis, and low pressure make me wonder if he was septic. If he was, levo would be the pressor of choice (along with fluids). But that's just a wild guess based...
    Aug 3, '12
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  19. i feel bad- leaving things to do for day shift
    Aug 3, '12
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  20. Troponin leak and pressor of choice.
    Wondering about the rest of his picture. Was he making urine, did he look dry? did the 1L bolus help anything? The levo could make him irritable and hence the vtac - how were the rest of his...
    Jul 30, '12
    Forum: CCU Nursing / Coronary / Cardiac
  21. IV Valium and precipitates...
    A rectal gel for folks in severe EtOH withdrawal? How's that working out?
    Jul 28, '12
    Forum: Nursing and Patient Medications
  22. You know you're an ICU nurse when...
    When your agitated and intubated patient on whose behalf you have unsuccessfully pleaded with the pulmonary fellow for more sedation finally self-extubates despite your tightly tied restraints and...
    Jul 27, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  23. Stop the drama
    Gitano, I don't quite understand what position you hold exactly but I do NOT envy you. Well, ok, except the palm trees and surf while you run. Here it's birds and...well, birds :)
    Jun 12, '12
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  24. Failing heart...I think...Dobutamine?! Good thinking question
    Have to agree with Biff...dobutamine or milrinone may have helped short term, but if he needed that much help his long term outcome was questionable at best.
    Jun 10, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing
  25. is it appropriate to take ABG sample from dorsal pedis artery?
    Do you ever try the brachial artery?
    Jun 7, '12
    Forum: Critical Care Nursing