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  1. Succeed as a New Med-Surg Nurse: Part 1
    Would love to hear more....great post!
    Sep 30, '13
    Forum: First Year After Nursing Licensure
  2. MSN Pathway Program @ CSUDH
    Would love to hear more about the program from anybody in it or applying to it. I'm have a BS degree in Psychology and will have my RN in May. This seems like a great option.
    Sep 18, '12
    Forum: California Nursing
  3. Suggestions for RN-BSN online
    FYI.... University of Wyoming is S/U grading only. Some MSN programs won't accept that.
    Jun 11, '12
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  4. BA to MSN?
    Here is a school that allows students with a bachelor's in another field to apply to the Master's Program. Only drawback would be you wouldn't have a BSN, just an MSN. Masters Program Admission...
    Apr 23, '12
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  5. RN to BSN for RN's with non-nursing bachelor's degree vs accelerated BSN for non-RN's
    Did you find a program that will work for you? If so, where? I am in the same position. I am going to be getting my ADN next year and already have a Bachelor's in Psychology. Thank you! I really want...
    Apr 21, '12
    Forum: Nursing Online Distance Learning
  6. Brookline College Accelerated Nursing Program
    I'd love to hear input from current students on the 2nd degree Bachelor's program. How's it going?
    Feb 29, '12
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  7. whats the best book to study meds?
    Would you send me the med study sheet as well? Thank you in advance!!!! --Amy
    Dec 8, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  8. Nursing Student Assessment Worksheet
    Chris, I don't know how to thank you enough!!!! I am a first semester nursing student and I literally have several physical assessment forms and several books ready on the table because I was going...
    Oct 30, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  9. Tips for Physical Assessment
    Thank you for posting these assessment questions! I can't wait to try out your method! I'm a first semester student and I've been hunting around for assessment help. Love when fellow student nurses...
    Oct 29, '11
    Forum: Nursing Student Assistance
  10. Maricopa Placements Fall 2011
    It's manageable. There are several people that work full time and do the program. I think that's amazing! So far it's been really great. The Fri/Sat schedule is really nice...getting the whole week...
    Sep 13, '11
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  11. Maricopa Placements Fall 2011
    Hi Kayla, I'm in the 1st block of weekend at Glendale. Our schedule is Fridays 7-4 and Saturdays 7-1. Starting at week 9 you go to clinicals which changes Sat to 6:30 to 1:30 instead of 7-1. There...
    Sep 13, '11
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  12. whats the best book to study meds?
    I was the last post up above.... Ooops, forgot to include my email: Thanks again!
    Aug 23, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  13. whats the best book to study meds?
    Would you also send me the pharm notes? Thank you in advance!!!! ~Amy
    Aug 23, '11
    Forum: NCLEX Discussion Forum
  14. Websites...
    Hey Everyone, I organized the list of websites from this thread. I weeded out the ones that are no longer working. Enjoy!!! --Amy General Nursing Websites:
    Mar 14, '11
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  15. Maricopa Placements Fall 2011
    Thank you, NewBeginning! Love to hear any suggestions for anything we can do before school starts to make starting school any easier. Where are your clinicals this semester? Best of luck to you...
    Mar 3, '11
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  16. Anyone date stamped March thru June 2010 for Maricopa Community College waiting list?
    My timestamp was 6/16/09, 8:04:20 and I got in today to the Glendale Weekend starting Summer 2011. Worth the wait!
    Mar 1, '11
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  17. Summer 2011 Glendale Weekend Student Forum
    Summer 2011 Glendale Weekend Day Students, Welcome to the thread for students who will be a part of the newest block at Glendale Community College! This is a place we can get to know each other...
    Mar 1, '11
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  18. Maricopa Placements Fall 2011
    I also just got placed into the Glendale Weekend Day Program. My timestamp was 6/16/09, 8:04:20. So happy and can't wait til July!
    Mar 1, '11
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  19. Maricopa Placements Fall 2011
    :nurse:Did you get in to a Maricopa Community College for Fall of 2011? Please let us know which college and what your timestamp was so we can figure out which timestamps got in this round. ...
    Feb 28, '11
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  20. Glendale Community College Weekend Day Program
    I am hoping to get into the GCC Weekend Program as well. The last person I have seen on threads that I have read that has gotten in was 6/16/09 and their time was 8:00:45, I believe. That was for the...
    Feb 20, '11
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  21. Glendale Weekend Program Spring 2011
    How are you all liking it? My date stamp is 6/16/09 so I am hoping to get into Glendale weekend program in the fall. I'd love to hear all about how you like it so far, how your instructors are,...
    Jan 28, '11
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  22. Anyone starting Paradise Valley Spring 2011?
    Carrie ...I'm assuming that's your name :) Thank you for all that info! That helps me a lot. My time stamp was 6/16/09, 8:04:20. ---Amy
    Nov 17, '10
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  23. Anyone starting Paradise Valley Spring 2011?
    I just got placed for PVCC today! So excited. Have you gotten your packet already? Do you happen to know the schedule for our classes? Looking forward to meeting you, Amy
    Nov 16, '10
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  24. First Round Of Placement Set For October 5th
    Today I was placed in the PVCC Program with a time/date stamp of 8:04:20 on 6/16/09. Finally! :clown: Hope this helps all of you figuring out where they are on placements.
    Nov 16, '10
    Forum: Arizona Nursing
  25. Anyone date stamped March thru June 2010 for Maricopa Community College waiting list?
    ForestLakeMommy, Thank you for the info. That really helps me figure out where they are on the list. Good luck to you when you start in the fall! Amy
    Nov 10, '10
    Forum: Arizona Nursing

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