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  1. Silly random nursing thoughts, one sentence, NO JUDGMENTAL FOLKS ALLOWED
    :) :) :) New nurse on the unit, getting kudos from both patients and the Sgt Nurse.
    Mar 23
    Forum: Nursing Humor / Share Jokes
  2. Medical surgical nursing Lewis textbook
    It's a separate book... med surg study guide. Check your college library, they might have it. Mine did
    Feb 27
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  3. Watch with sweeping second hand
    I got a kid's Timex watch for $20. Analog watches are hard to find and much more common in the kid section. The one I have looks very grown up and fits my small wrist. If the strap is too small,...
    Nov 10, '13
    Forum: Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear
  4. Starting Salary [new grad]?
    Arizona ADN. LTC job full time $29.50/hr Quit for low census. home health $36/hr... limited hours. Dialysis. $28/hr. Full time. Only doing this now. It seems the salaries go up if you...
    Oct 19, '13
    Forum: Registered Nurses: Diploma / ADN / BSN
  5. The sight of blood makes me pass out.
    Better not work in dialysis then!!! :D :cheeky:
    Oct 17, '13
    Forum: Nurses Rock
  6. New Grad Resume
    1 page, no more unless you are going for CM or higher. Remember, resumes are Cliff's Notes for your career. Keep it relevant. Include departments and hospitals for school, GPA if higher than 3.5. ...
    Sep 19, '13
    Forum: Nursing Resume Help
  7. For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread
    Way too many grumpy pants lately. Besides, I'm proud of myself. I landed in a specialty as a new grad. Job hunt has been real feast or famine. Most of the 'feast' has been mediocre.
    Sep 19, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  8. For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread
    I quit my LTC job, which I hated. Now I'm hired into a dialysis clinic, have a long orientation and love my new boss! ... and I am a new grad.
    Sep 19, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  9. Found on the Oatmeal:  Bad Day at Work
    12946 I think this comic expresses it perfectly.
    Sep 19, '13
    Forum: Nursing Humor / Share Jokes
  10. Fresenius Training
    I've been hired as a new grad, but I get a 10 week orientation. They are training me as a tech and then learn the RN part of it. I love it so far. Classroom training with clinical days, like in...
    Sep 16, '13
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  11. Dialysis staff nurse salary in US
    New nurse, no experience $28 AZ
    Sep 5, '13
    Forum: Dialysis / Renal / Urology
  12. A Nursing Perspective of "Being Eaten":The "Eater" Nurse to the "Eaten" Nurse
    With a new nurse, you line your purse. A bargain you have made! Load up the boat with easy scapegoats. A bully has it made in the shade!
    Sep 5, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Discussion
  13. What to do after a rough shift?
    Chocolate milkshake.
    May 5, '13
    Forum: Nurses Rock
  14. Nurses 'drowning in sea of paperwork' ----------------------- This really isn't news for us, but when the BBC reports things like this, it gives me hope that there might be changes down the...
    Apr 20, '13
    Forum: Nursing News
  15. Your take on actors playing "nurse"...
    I love Carla from Scrubs. The show is hilarious, but don't mess with Carla!
    Apr 5, '13
    Forum: Nurses Rock
  16. Side rail stories
    My facility has itty bitty "grab bars". It helps the patient grip the bar so she can turn and repostion by herself or with help. Otherwise, we don't have them. In my LTC, side rails are considered a...
    Mar 14, '13
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  17. What to do after high school to become a RN/BSN in short amount of time and money?
    You need to do better than a C+ average. College courses are more difficult and in depth than high school. That means really focusing and getting INTERESTED in it. I recommend the BSN route and...
    Mar 10, '13
    Forum: Pre-Nursing Student
  18. Patient fx hip after family refused alarm
    Generally, the alarms are put on when the patient is shown an inability to judge. Like dementia or confusion. If someone has an altered LOC, then they can't judge as well if they can walk safely. You...
    Mar 10, '13
    Forum: Nursing Issues On Patient Safety
  19. Saunders Comp NCLEX Book?
    Use it to help study for exams, it's really helpful! Use it to review points that are unclear. The practice questions are excellent.
    Mar 8, '13
    Forum: LPN / LVN Nursing Student
  20. Interview for LTC Charge.... new grad
    We take opportunities where we can get them.
    Feb 28, '13
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  21. Interview for LTC Charge.... new grad
    Ha! Yesterday, I got all my assessments done in the morning. I'm still really thorough, so it takes me a while. I got charting done midshift and got out in time. No emergencies, no admissions.......
    Feb 26, '13
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  22. Admit it.  You do it.
    Feb 24, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  23. Interview for LTC Charge.... new grad
    So far, I am liking it. There is no end to excitement though. I've been at this two weeks and I've had one hospice passing, an attempted elopement, two trips to the ER. One was a flu, but get this...
    Feb 24, '13
    Forum: Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance
  24. For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread
    I sent a patient out to the ER. The guy got admitted to the ICU. I got a "Good call!" from my boss. I think my patient will be ok, he was smiling rolling out the door.
    Feb 21, '13
    Forum: General Nursing Student
  25. Share your funniest patient stories...
    I had a patient pass away today... he was hospice. It went very smoothly. ...and then... The mortician was picking up the body when his cell went off. Guess what his ringtone was? Dead man's...
    Feb 19, '13
    Forum: Nursing Humor / Share Jokes