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  1. Jeff State Shelby Campus 1st semester nursing
    I made it. Forget trying to get an A out of Fund. Its possible for Health Assess and Pharm. Look, only 25% will make it to second semester. You have to decide is it worth studying ALL the time and...
    Aug 7, '12
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  2. ATTN New nursing students. LOW cost immunization, physical, cpr card
    FYI-- The SHELBY health department offers Flu shots for $5. You have to request it at the time of your appointment. Also, BE sure and get PROOF of your shots, something that is signed and dated,...
    Apr 12, '12
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  3. ATTN New nursing students. LOW cost immunization, physical, cpr card
    Just wanted to share some low cost options I found for those who are strapped for a way to pay for their nursing start up stuff. Shots + Physical. First step- $5 a shot for Heptatis B @...
    Apr 11, '12
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  4. Any tips about memorizing drugs for Pharm?
    I think EVERYONE who benefited from your Post should hit LIKE on it to thank you. I start pharm in late may. I am not gonna like. I am taking your gold mine of info and starting on it now. ...
    Apr 9, '12
    Forum: Nursing Student Assistance
  5. Jeff State Summer 2012 program
    Im in for the summer. Got a call a few weeks ago. Orientation is April 12th. Anyone else in? Apparently Summer is the semester to apply for because in the past, I couldn't get in. Or the...
    Mar 28, '12
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  6. Immunizations: cheapest place to get them?
    just wondering if there is a low cost option in the Central AL area. I'm financial strapped and on unemployment. My kid gets free lunch so we meet most low income requirements. I don't have health...
    Mar 28, '12
    Forum: Alabama Nursing
  7. Paying for Nursing School: ADVICE PLEASE!
    WIA in shelby county only covers up to 10,000 (waiting list, but GET ON IT) WIA in Jeff state covers 100% (Must be a Jeffco resident for 6 mo) Must meet certain financial qualifications. They...
    Mar 28, '12
    Forum: Alabama Nursing