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  1. Providence medical center vs KU medical center
    I work at KUMED now, is the best decision I have ever made, I love it there, the benefit is the best, their health care insurance is the best ever, you dont pay copay or anything if you see KU...
    Jan 27, '09
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  2. Where to work?
    Jan 16, '09
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  3. Concord University  kansas
    Just relax is all good, remember to be focous and determine,
    Jan 15, '09
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  4. Concord University  kansas
    what do you guys know or think about Concord University kansas RN program
    Jan 15, '09
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  5. Concord University  kansas
    What do you guys think or know about Concord University kansas RN program
    Jan 15, '09
    Forum: Maine Nursing
  6. National American University???
    NAU, is not a good university to my best of knowledge, I won't go there for nursing at least, all they care about is your money, pay this pay that, and they are not truthful, they are very...
    Aug 16, '08
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  7. CNA's and Overtime?!?!?!?
    Oh ya, overtime is available for anyone in the health care industry, so anything over 40hrs is overtime.
    Jul 10, '08
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  8. Cascade staffing
    Dose any one work for Cascade health care staffing. Faith:redbeathe
    Jul 3, '08
    Forum: Kansas Nursing
  9. CNA job in overland park
    we are moving to overland park kansas, please can anyone advise me on the best hospital to apply to around the area or ku med center, am looking for the one with great benefit, am a cna with 9years...
    May 11, '08
    Forum: Kansas Nursing