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  1. I lied...a story of how I outright LIED to patient's family.
    Please know that you gave the gift of peace to her family. Although I don't work in Hospice anymore...It was one of my favorite nursing jobs...the fact that although you work with the dying, you are...
    Nov 26
    Forum: Emergency Nursing
  2. ALMOST made it through the whole year ...
    I'm knocking on wood as I read this! 8 more days left of school..............:nailbiting:
    Jun 4
    Forum: School Nurses
  3. Lunch
    This is always a tricky subject! It been many years of advocating for myself and my nurses. Although we get paid for our lunch, I try take a lunch at a set time and keep reminding students/staff of...
    Mar 31
    Forum: School Nurses
  4. Teachers and odors
    This very subject came up yesterday for me as well. What has worked well for I will call the parents 1st before I speak with the student. Some teacher don't like this tact as they want the...
    Mar 28
    Forum: School Nurses
  5. Liability issues
    I agree with all of the above! One question...are you staying after your assigned hours and since you are there, they will seek you out? If so....I would make sure to leave at the end of your...
    Feb 28
    Forum: School Nurses
  6. Bed Bugs? is an excellent website for Bugs of all concerns! :yes:
    May 22, '13
    Forum: School Nurses
  7. Junior High opinions
    I too went from an Elementary level to Middle School (jr) and LOVE IT...LOVE IT:yes:................for all of the above reasons!
    Feb 26, '13
    Forum: School Nurses
  8. The crazies are all in my office this week...
    It has to be PHS:greyalien:..............Pre-Holiday Syndrome.........everybody it is nuttty this week! Only 6 days left for me or 45 work hours or 2700 minutes (not that I'm counting...
    Dec 14, '12
    Forum: School Nurses
  9. Enough already.... no, really
    Definately a Full Moon week!!!! :yes:
    Nov 29, '12
    Forum: School Nurses
  10. Tired of kids coming to the nurse...
    Like all School Nurses we face this issue everyday! I tend to be a "tough love" school nurse. My main goal is to keep students in school as much as possible! I do enjoy working with the Middle...
    Nov 26, '12
    Forum: School Nurses
  11. What did you find was the hardest to adjust being a school nurse?
    Same for me as well....:nurse:
    Nov 5, '12
    Forum: School Nurses
  12. Help with IHP/EAP
    Great resource/websites Flare...thanks for sharing! :yeah:
    Nov 22, '11
    Forum: School Nurses
  13. Happy summer!!!
    Today would have been my last day.....if it wasn't for the 10 snow days we had this year!!!:eek: Hope everybody has a great summmer!!!:yeah: Michele
    Jun 14, '11
    Forum: School Nurses
  14. Wound Cleanser info needed
    I usually do Soap and Water. I only use h2o2 for hard to reach places....
    Jun 7, '11
    Forum: School Nurses
  15. Charting
    I've been using the SNAP program since 2003 and LOVE it. :redpinkhe Our charting is so much easier and more detail then before. You can pull off reports and stats quickly. The support at SNAP is...
    May 19, '11
    Forum: School Nurses
  16. Flu season?
    Yes we the crow flies! Work in Stafford and live in Willington. Always nice to meet a neighbor!
    Apr 15, '11
    Forum: School Nurses
  17. Flu season?
    Per CT DPH our FLU indicators went down from Widespread to Regional last week. You can look on the CDC website for the FLU map and it will show how your state is doing.
    Apr 15, '11
    Forum: School Nurses
  18. Thank you fellow school nurses!
    Wow.........what nice post to read on Friday after a very long week!:yeah: Thanks!
    Apr 1, '11
    Forum: School Nurses
  19. Tips for Tummy Aches.
    i work in a middle school....tummy of my favorites! :uhoh3: after my usual assesments (check temp, ask for time line of s/s, have breakfast or lunch...) if they appear ok to me, i...
    Dec 17, '10
    Forum: School Nurses
  20. Any ideas for disposable ice packs?
    I have always used the resuable ice packs. I cover them with a paper towel. After many years of doing this....I now have them sign them out and back in when they return it! Boy..........what a...
    Nov 3, '10
    Forum: School Nurses
  21. Questioning myself
    Praiser....OMG what a timely topic for me!!! I can't express more clearly then what has been said here! Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind....I've been in this boat many times!:mad: I feel...
    May 28, '10
    Forum: School Nurses
  22. Do you enjoy being a school nurse?
    i totally agree with praiser!!. :yeah::yeah:i was just thinking the other day...i really can't see myself doing anything else. i feel that i use all of my assessments skills every day! i've been...
    May 20, '10
    Forum: School Nurses
  23. Interview questions for Director of Pupil Services...
    Thanks for the feedback!!! These are excellent suggestions....but just to be clear.... This a non nursing is for Director of Pupil Services...he/she is in charge of mostly special...
    May 6, '10
    Forum: School Nurses
  24. Interview questions for Director of Pupil Services...
    Hello fellow School Nurses! I've been asked to be on a interivew committee for our Director of Pupil Services. This position is "in charge" of the nursing department. The commmitte is made...
    May 6, '10
    Forum: School Nurses
  25. If I hear "my teacher said" one more time today...
    Drives me nuts as well...I then come back with... "I'm the Nurse...I'll decide what you need" They then look at you like you have 2 heads on!! :wink2: Lucky you...only 5 days left.....I've got...
    May 20, '09
    Forum: School Nurses

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