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  1. CRNE October 2014
    I am going to write the CRNE on Oct. Whew! I hope we all nail this exam! Wishing you all the best from Winnipeg :)
    Jul 14
    Forum: Canada CRNE / CPNRE Nursing Exams
  2. Bridging Program at Red River College
    I hope to write and pass :-) thank you!
    Jan 26
    Forum: Canada Nursing Programs
  3. Bridging Program at Red River College
    Because of the waiting list. However, they will call you if they have vacant seat like what happened to me. They said I can be accommodated on Aug 2014 but they called me last Dec 2013 and asked if I...
    Jan 20
    Forum: Canada Nursing Programs
  4. Question about the CCA in Manitoba. Help!
    It depends on the result of your assessment. If they deem that you need further studies, they'll ask you to take Bridging Program. But if the other way around, they'll let you know when can you write...
    Nov 17, '13
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  5. Bridging Program at Red River College
    Hi everyone! I had my CCA last May 2013 and I was referred for the Bridging Program for IEN at Red River College but they said that I can't enroll till Aug 2014. Other people here who are in the same...
    Nov 17, '13
    Forum: Canada Nursing Programs
  6. Have you faced any discrimination as a student?
    Throughout my college years up to now, female nurses like have male nurses around esp physical tasks female nurses cant do. It's kind of nice to have a little battle of the sexes as who it better at...
    Jul 30, '13
    Forum: Male Nursing Student
  7. CLPNE
    Congratulations! Was the CCA hard? Can you give me some insights on it?
    Jul 25, '13
    Forum: Canada CRNE / CPNRE Nursing Exams
  8. CLPNE
    I do hope they'll let you write the CLPNE. Break a leg! :-)
    Jul 20, '13
    Forum: Canada CRNE / CPNRE Nursing Exams
  9. "I don't want an admit..."
    When I am charge nurse with 2 RNs with me, I would usually help them as well to lessen their workload. After all, we are a team and I want to get things done in a timely manner.
    Jul 17, '13
    Forum: Nurse Colleague / Patient Relations
  10. CLPNE
    It has been 2 weeks already after they received all the documents and I should hear from them in 6 to 8 weeks (hopefully). How is your application with LPN jam? Ian
    Jul 17, '13
    Forum: Canada CRNE / CPNRE Nursing Exams
  11. CLPNE
    You can do it! Just think positive and answer what is being asked. I do not know how long my bridging program will take because I don't have the courses yet. The earliest for the bridging program in...
    Jul 14, '13
    Forum: Canada CRNE / CPNRE Nursing Exams
  12. CLPNE
    Hi Hunter, I would suggest to just go over your books from college or go to University of Manitoba if you have none. I didn't buy anything as I still got some of my books. Also, read the health...
    Jul 11, '13
    Forum: Canada CRNE / CPNRE Nursing Exams
  13. CCA in Health Science Centre
    To my knowledge it is 6 mos. I also have to take Nursing Practicum.
    Jun 26, '13
    Forum: Nursing in Canada
  14. CLPNE
    Hi Hunter, I had my file in CRNM opened a few months before I decided to open one with CLPNM. This was due to the reason that I cannot make it to the bridging program till next fall (Aug 2014) as...
    Jun 22, '13
    Forum: Canada CRNE / CPNRE Nursing Exams
  15. CCA in Health Science Centre
    All of them are regarding practicing in Manitoba / Canadian-setting. :down:
    Jun 22, '13
    Forum: Nursing in Canada
  16. CCA in Health Science Centre
    Review your past nursing books as well as canadian nursing ethics and practice in manitoba. Good luck! The earliest now for the Bridging Program for IEN is Aug 2014 as the waiting list is too...
    Jun 12, '13
    Forum: Nursing in Canada
  17. Tattoos in healthcare
    Anyone here who practice in Manitoba, Canada that has tattoo?
    May 26, '13
    Forum: Nursing and Professionalism
  18. Clinical Competence Assessment for Internationally-Educated Nurse
    Hello fellow nurses, I want to ask IENs here who had their Clinical Competence Assessment at Health Science Centre, Manitoba about how long did they wait for the result. I had mine 2 weeks ago and...
    May 25, '13
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  19. CCA in Health Science Centre
    I would say review basic nursing procedures and go over your books. :-)
    May 11, '13
    Forum: Nursing in Canada
  20. CCA in Health Science Centre
    Just had my first day of clinical competence assessment. Boy that was kinda hard.
    May 7, '13
    Forum: Nursing in Canada
  21. CRNM (College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba)
    My schedule for CCA was moved from October later this year to this coming May. Seems like there's an improvement to the Nursing Assessment in Health Science Centre. Yehey!
    Mar 8, '13
    Forum: Nurse Registration
  22. CLPNE
    Oh I see. What books can you recommend for preparation? I am an IEN RN but I opt to register as an LPN first because it takes a while for registration as an RN here in MB.
    Mar 4, '13
    Forum: Canada CRNE / CPNRE Nursing Exams
  23. CLPNE
    How hard is the CLPNE in a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest? :-)
    Mar 2, '13
    Forum: Canada CRNE / CPNRE Nursing Exams
  24. Not a real nurse huh?
    After reading some responses here, I'm considering to be one once I get my license here in Manitoba. All the perks of being a school nurse seem exciting esp you get summer breaks! Yay!
    Feb 22, '13
    Forum: School Nurses
  25. CCA for CRNM
    Okey I'll try. It is College of Reg Nurses of Manitoba.
    Feb 22, '13
    Forum: Nursing in Canada