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The School of Nursing at the University of Maryland offers a unique educational experience for those interested in delivering exceptional direct patient care. You will always have the support of the amazing faculty and leaders of the university. These leaders are experts within the field of nursing and help guide you through your studies.

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  1. Anonymous
    Apr 30, 10:11 am by Student
    Overall: 5.0 Avg Rating
    Recommend: 5 stars
    Experience: 5 stars
    Staff: 5 stars
    Academics: 5 stars
    Costs: 5 stars
    Support: 5 stars

    Program: BSN
    Classes: On Campus
    Focus: Military

    My Experience

    A supportive environment. Curriculum was advanced for that time, yet students were exposed to down to earth emphasis on basic skills needed to start out as novice nurses. Collaboration with the supporting program sponsor was excellent and allowed for clear communication of expectations.

    About The Staff

    Staff showed concern for students that went far beyond the student being just "another face in the crowd".