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Wound Cleanser info needed - page 2

We have always used Technicare scrub to clean those little bumps the kids encounter during school. We must have had this cleaner for quite some time, because now when we need to order, I see that it... Read More

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    I know this is an old post I am actually dealing with the same question. Could you use Sterile saline, normal saline, or sterile water without on order for a larger wound, like to flush anything out?
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    Our district doesn't keep those items on hand. If any "flushing" is needed, it's accomplished with running water.
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    Quote from Jolie
    Soap and water. Anything else is considered a med by our district and requires medical authorization and parent permission, which I'm not going to get for a playground boo boo.
    This IS an old thread.

    I agree with Jolie here . . . water is the best bet. We wash out wounds in the ER with soap and water, period.

    I'm not messing around to get medical authorization.
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    Soap and water for just about everything. If I don't have access to sink then J&J Hurt free Antiseptic wash.
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    We aren't allowed to use H202 for wound cleaning. I use soap and water and/or bactine.

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