What do you all bring to a fire drill?

  1. 0 I bring my emergency contact cards and a first aid kit.

    Does anyone bring stock meds, or any meds for that matter?? I'm wondering if I should be grabbing everything out of the med cabinet before going outside??
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    i just bring a go bag with basic supplies and a stock supply epipen in it. The office staff brings a binder with names and numbers in it, and my meet spot is next to them.
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    I bring a go bag with the basics in it, my emergency contact notebook and 2 bins (1 has kids epi pens, other has diabetic supplies)
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    For the drills I bring my first aid go-kit. In the event of an actual emergency I would grab the inhalers and glucose source for the diabetic student, they are just not stored in a manner that it is easy to grab and go for every little drill (I am working on organizing it better).
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    go bag and emergency contact forms

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