Tools for teaching pre-teens about nursing

  1. [color=#003a9a]school nurses are now teachers too

    [color=#003a9a]the johnson & johnson campaign for nursing's future developed the nursing gang™ to generate awareness of the nursing profession among a younger audience, children ages 9-11. the nursing gang, created for a pre-teen audience, features four nurses, each representing a different nursing specialty. now, the campaign is launching an animated music video featuring the nursing gang™ to serve as a tool to help educate children on the nursing profession. the dvd will be distributed to every school nurse nationwide before the end of the year. the program is intended for school nurses to teach children about nursing and spark their interest in the profession.

    [color=#003a9a][color=#003a9a]for more information on the nursing gang, visit

    the web site includes games, nursing trivia, interactive workshops and more!

    free bookcovers featuring the "nursing gang" characters:
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