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Scoliosis Instructor

  1. 0 I am scheduled to conduct spinal screening in a few weeks but the Lead is having difficulty getting subs. I have been doing spinal screening for going on 8 years. In the past we trained the PE teachers and Ath. Trainer to screen boys. I was told I need to be an instructor. I called the Texas Dept of Health where they are over spinal screening as was told I have to wait until this nurse comes back in 2 months. I think this should be online and more acessible to RNs. I could easily get teacher subs than NA subs. Any educators or school nurses with ideas on this dilemma?
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    website to instruct how to do scoliosis screening!!!
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    Thanks but I know how to screen, I want to become a Certified Instructor, just like a CPR Instructor you have to have extra credentials.