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  1. where to apply to become a school nurse in Houston?
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  3. by   KKEGS
    Look at employment/career pages on individual public school district websites. For private schools you apply to specific schools. Ditto, I believe, for charter schools.
  4. by   GdBSN
    Go to the HISD website and search nurse positions. Districts don't generally post their positions on job boards, so you will need to go to each district website and search.
  5. by   iggywench
    Contracts for the next year for public school districts usually come out in late March or early April, so start looking on the district websites then. Also, attend the job fair of the districts you are interested in, even if you don't see any nurse positions, and try to start substituting if you have free time. Districts like to hire nurses they are familiar with, and substituting gives you a chance to meet people in schools, and also figure out what grade level of students you prefer to work with.