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Need help charting

  1. 0 I'm fairly new to school nursing. I need some help with soap charting and what to put in the A part. Do I just put whatever nursing diagnosis from that big list from nursing school or is there a guide that can help school nurses with this? I come from a hospital setting and I haven't had to do this in a long time. Thanks!!!
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    For the "S" (subjective) you include everything the student/patient tells you about their problem. I often use exact quotes.
    "O" (objective) - Everything you observe while they are speaking to you.
    "A" (assessment) - You nursing assessment documentation often broken down into systems. I usually include my objective observations and assessment under the same label.
    "P" (plan) - Any interventions you provide for the student. (water, rest, calling parents, etc.) I include everything I told parents when I spoke to them and their comments and/or them verbalizing understanding. This way if something comes up later, I can check my documentation on what we discussed.

    I hope this helps.