molluscum question

  1. I am a nurse in a preschool. I have a student who was diagnosed with molluscum on her upper thigh. I know it is ok for her to be at school as long as it is covered. My question: is it ok for her to use a toillet that is used by other children if the lesion touches the seat? MD says it's only transmitted skin to skin but that is not what I''ve read.
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  3. by   Flare
    I'm dealing with a few cases of molluscum here. We are allowing the students to be in school - i mean some of these lesions can stick around for up to 4 years - but the lesions have to be covered either by clothing or by a bandage. They pretty much spread like warts - direct contact, namely direct moist contact. If the lesions are on her thigh where it is predictable that there will be contact with something like a toilet seat, they should be covered with a bandaid.
  4. by   ozned
    Thanks firefightingRN. I have required in both instances a letter of medical clearance from the MD, just to cover our butts in case some looney parent has a problem. I appreciate your input.