LPN as school nurse....Kinda nervous

  1. Hey there!! Its been a long while since I have been on here!

    I may be offered a position as a 1-1/school nurse and I am a little nervous about the school nurse part of the position..I have never had to work alone in that capacity before, always worked under another nurse as I am an LPN. Any advice to offer? or some guidance as to where to go to freshen up my skills??
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  3. by   mycsm
    Congratulations! I would first find out what the scope of work is and what will be expected of you? If there is something you are not familiar with, then learn about it.
  4. by   Kim O'Therapy
    In our district, we have LPNs and RNs. All LPNs are stationed at schools next to schools with an RN assigned to it. That way, the RN and LPN can confer on a daily basis. You will be fine. Originally, our district only hired RNs with a BSN and I STILL had to email and call other school nurses for advice all the time! My training included hearing/vision certification, a few short lectures, and a binder telling me what I had to do and what deadlines I needed to meet.