Interview with a school nurse needed

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a senior in nursing school and am working on a community health project. I am
    seeking a school nurse to answer a few questions that to write a paper on the subject
    of school nursing. I would so greatly appreciate it if anyone would be so inclined to
    indulge on the subject of school nursing.

    The project requires interview answers to the following six questions:

    1. What are the unique aspects of this area of practice?
    2. What are the main job functions of this nursing practice?
    3. Who are the populations served by this practice area, and what is the scope of the challenges/opportunities?
    4. Describe the larger picture: What are the contexts for this practice area? Who are the members of the "team" that makes this practice possible?
    5. Why do we need this practice area of nursing?
    6. What are important agencies of the federal, state and local levels that affect this practice area?
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