1. I was offered a school nurse job today!! I'm so excited. If anyone has any tips or advice, I would appreciate it.
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  3. by   Tina, RN
    Yay for you! School nursing is awesome. It's very different than other types of nursing, so be ready to learn a lot.

    Best wishes!
  4. by   Flare
    that's terrific! When do you start?
  5. by   100kids
    Congrats to you! Best of Luck!
  6. by   NutmeggeRN
    Yay for you!! What level? Good Luck!
  7. by   itsnowornever
  8. by   babyphat
    Thank you!! They haven't given me a start date yet. It should be soon, the whole process was fast. I interviewed Monday and got the call the next day.