How long until I (maybe) hear something? How long until I (maybe) hear something? | allnurses

How long until I (maybe) hear something?

  1. 0 I know, I know. I am so impatient! LOL But I'm curious, since school will be starting again very soon.

    I sent in my resume and application via the school website, for a school nurse position, on 8/10. As per the ad, applications would be accepted until 8/12. This is the first time I've ever applied to a school, so I was wondering if it usually takes a long time to hear anything? We're already in mid-August, and the position is to begin in September.

    They expect to sort through applications, interview people, and hire someone all by September 1??

    Any thoughts are appreciated!
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    You have been patient. Go ahead and call and ask where they are in the process.
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