Frequent Fliers

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  3. by   schoolnurse
    I have been a school nurse for the past six years. At the beginning of the year, especially for K's and 1st graders, I allow more times to visit me. I know that they really are not seeking me for medical care but for "mom" care. If a hug is all they need then give it to them. IF the older kids are seeking me out too often, I will sit down and talk with them and find out what the real reason is behind their visits. Perhaps they need to talk to the school counselor. My friend who is also a school nurse and she uses another method. She has a "tree" that has leaves on it. If a frequent flier uses up all their leaves, then they know that they cannot come in unless they are sick. Sometimes I just have to tell the child to go back to class if I know that they are abusing the system. My kids are only allowed to stay 10 minutes. At that time if they are still not feeling well, I will call the parent up and let them decide what to do. Hope I have been of help. Let me know if I can be again. Karen
  4. by   Jane Zakrzewski
    I am posting this about a third way into the school year and guess what? I still have frequent fliers. I work in a high school of about 970 kiddos. It is increasingly difficult to separate the klids who are sick from those that only need a time out. One idea I like to follow is that if a kid comes into my office three times with insignificant symptoms or the same time period, I call the parent/guardian to make them aware of the visits and ask them to speak with the child about their visits. Another is that I follow our districts First Aid guidelines (set up by our school doctor and our nurses) and only allow a certain amount of time for a childs visit (depending on the presenting scenario). I also try to take time to speak with students and decide if they are in need of additional support that I cannot provide (ie.counseling).
    This is one of the toughest aspects of the job. It certainly separates the "men from the boys".
  5. by   debalina
    What a riot!!!I thought I was the one who coined the phrase Frequnt flyers!!! Just goes to show that Great{school nurse}Minds think alike!!!!
    I think there are always certain kids that will rack up the FF miles no matter what. I have found that some kids need a break-Don't we all sometimes? If I see a pattern with some fragile or sp needs darlin's I tell them about my 5 Minute Rule. If you just need a break or a chance to regroup then don't tell me your sick- ask for 5 minutes on the couch. I'd rather do that than spend time trying to pull some imaginary syndrome out of them. I have had very few take advantage of that rule and I've doing this for 9 years.
    This works well in my Elem. School GR3-5 However,every year or consecutive years running I get a darlin that surpasses the FF title. For those darlins I joke that if I let them they would
    breast feed!!! no disrespect intended!! Good luck!
  6. by   prmenrs
    Just saw this thread, and I think it is VERY interesting. As the mom of a teenager who, for a while, at least, was in one of those huge high schools w/ thousands of students, I was talking to the school nurse one day.

    My son had had a VP shunt revision, and I was just checking in w/her re: post-op, whatever, just to let her know the situation. Turns out she used to work at the same hospital I still work at; while I was there, a student came in who was an "FF". I think he was SCARED.

    Do you think some of the kids that come to you are the "bullied" kids--the ones who for whatever reason, get ostrasized and teased? These are the kind of kids who can REALLY act out--bring a gun to school and kill someone(s).

    When do you get really worried about a frequent flyer? How would you intervene if you suspected a kid was being bullied?

    I am very relieved that my son doesn't go to a school like that any more, but given recent events like what happened in Santee last year, and at other schools around the country, I wondered what your take on that issue is?

    Thanks for considering the question.