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Evidence Based Practice related to School Nursing

  1. 0 Hello my name is Ashley

    Currently I am a substitute school nurse, working on my BSN. I need some ideas of how we use evidence based practice in the school nurse setting for a paper I need to write. I came up with a couple of things such as:
    - wound care
    - not using hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds
    - Having kids use their inhalers 2 hour prior to PE
    - Having kids stay home 24 hrs when they have thrown up.
    - hand washing

    I just need a little help brainstorming some more ideas. Thanks, hope everyone is having a great day
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    How about lice protocol?
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    Epi-Pen use is a big one. Some states are going to a blanket order to have Epi-Pens available for all students, regardless of known allergy.