School Nurses

School Nurses is available for the Nurse who manage students with injuries, acute illness, and long-term management of students with special health care needs. Topics will include chronic health conditions, urgent/emergent care and transport, referral services, preventive services, assessment and treatment, crisis intervention, Physician collaboration and protocols, school violence and bullying as well as preparation for certification.

Articles are written by nurses, students, educators, and healthcare professionals. All our articles focus on patient safety, nurse professionalism, specialties, student decisions, nursing schools, and so much more.


School Nursing

By tnbutterfly - Nurses began working in schools in the 1800s to identify and quarantine people with communicable diseases. Today’s school nurses not only deal with the typical bruises and tummy aches that have always been part of school life, but must now contend with a student population that is increasingly more medically fragile. Now, their main responsibility is to provide nursing care and health counseling to students with increasingly complex... Read More →

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School Nursing: Burnout and Renewal

By Purple_Scrubs - Being a school nurse is not as easy as it looks. These days, there is a lot more to it than band-aids and ice packs. When I started school nursing as a relatively new grad after just a few months hospital experience, I truly had no idea what I was in for. I work for a large urban school district. The district as a whole, and my school in particular, is host to a large number of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and... Read More →

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My dying student taught me how to say goodby....

By NutmeggeRN - I have had the privilege to be a school nurse for almost 20 years. When I write that, it kind of gives me a jolt, because it seems like yesterday when I started. I kind of stumbled into the job but in the process, I have found my passion. In the beginning, I was completely computer illiterate and never dreamed I would use my smart phone and iPad throughout the day. My first year had 15 kids on stimulant medication, today I give no... Read More →

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Running the Spring Marathon

By fetch - I used to work at a theme park, and the 2 weeks around spring break were unofficially known as "marathon" because we went from weekends only to daily operation. But since most of the high schoolers only have one week off, and a lot of summer people haven't been hired yet, everyone winds up working 60+ hour weeks. Pay period weeks ran from Monday through Sunday, with only one mandated day off per pay week, so it was common to work more... Read More →

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School nurse...and more!

By Flare - The bell rings at 7:15 sharp every morning. Mondays are probably the busiest. Soon there is a line of half a dozen middle school aged children, all clutching papers, sporting hospital bracelets and comparing the injuries they got over the weekend. Then someone hobbles in on crutches they don't know how to use. Suddenly their injuries are not a cool, and they quietly take their PE excusals and leave. Meanwhile, I begin a session of... Read More →

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