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  1. 8 That is all.
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    15 more days for me!
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    Wow! I am so jealous! 26 for me.
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    Only 4 for me!!!!!!!!
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    5 more days after today---don't know who's gonna crack first, though; the teachers or the kids. Lots of craziness in my school (elementary)--it's dawning on the fifth-graders that they are leaving the comfort of the known and going into a whole new world. LOTS of reassuring hugs and "just checking in" all day long.
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    21 Plus 1/2 last day .... usually out by noonish......but actually only 4 more Mondays...there now that THAT sounds better to me!
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    i graduated in with my associates march, thats the lovely thing about quarters instead of semesters
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    we ar in de same line...