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Student Nurse Internships

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    I am currently a nursing student in Atlanta, GA. I am putting out feelers to see if anyone may know of a rural hospital in the US that has some type of summer student nurse internship program for next summer. I am interested in rural nursing. I currently have a scholarship from a hospital in Atlanta but plan on heading west after I pay off my service to the hospital after graduation. My ultimate goal is to get a FNP degree from MSU in Bozeman, MT since they have a concentration in rural nursing. However, before jumping into rural nursing and the FNP schooling I would like to get some first hand experience working in a hospital in a rural setting. Any information anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you !
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    Yes, a number of hospitals in the Northwest offer a rural nurse residency beginning Jan 2008 (Montana, WYoming, IDaho, WAshington, and Alaska). Contact Idaho State University School of Nursing for specific addresses.