Is there any point in getting a nursing specialty if I plan on being a rural nurse?

  1. Is there any point in getting a nursing specialty such as neuroscience if I plan on specializing in rural nursing?

    Without a doubt I consider rural nursing to be a specialty, and from what I've heard you must know how to do any kind of nursing, but is there any benefit to having a specialty in addition to being a jack of all trades or is the amount of time needed to attain a specialty not worth it?
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  3. by   katieusa
    From my experience, I would have benefited most from working in the city in a big ER or in Labor and Delivery. These are the two areas that require the most specialized knowledge and being ahead on one of these areas would be a great help starting in a rural setting.
  4. by   jahra
    Try family practice, you need to keep all your skills in
    infant, child, adolescent, young adult, adult and senior care.
    It really came in handy for me in the rural setting and we lived on
    as island as well.
    Good luck!