How much demand is there for home health NPs in the Navajo nation?

  1. If I become both a family nurse practitioner and a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner and wanted to work in home health in Arizona on an Indian reservation, how hard would it be to find a job?

    Is home health even used much on Indian reservations?

    If a non-Navajo nurse wanted to learn to speak Navajo how would that be perceived by the Navajo people?

    As a "white" (whatever that means) Sikh American would I have any problems serving the Navajo people's health needs?
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  3. by   Vikingkitten
    I would think your first move would be to contact the local Indian Health Service. I have a friend that works for the IHS in S. D. and she loves the work and the area and the benefits. Look them up and give them a call.
    Just my $.02.