How do I become a good rural nurse? How do I become a good rural nurse? | allnurses

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How do I become a good rural nurse?

  1. 0 Why don't any colleges make a rural nursing degree? I've seen nursing schools which have long lists of specialties, but I've never heard of any schools which offer rural nursing as a specialty.

    I'm very sure that I want to be a rural family nurse practitioner, but how does someone achieve this goal? Becoming a family nurse practitioner seems pretty straightforward, you go to a nursing school, work extremely hard and take FNP as your specialty. But... the "rural" part isn't so clear, I mean how do you prepare for rural nursing? Rural nurses seem like they need to know everything very well even if it is not part of their specialty.

    I know I want be a rural FNP, but how do I get there?
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    National Association of Rural Health Clinics
    The National Rural Health Association
    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (rural health office)
    Indian Health Service

    i would look at schools that are closer to rural health clinics, these will offer more chances for hands on experience