What's the Best RI nursing schools for a BSN?

  1. 0 Hi,
    Wondering which school was better for a BSN, Rhode Island College vs CCRI vs URI.
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    Hi Gettingolder,
    To be clear:
    CCRI will get you an RN but NOT a BSN.
    You can not get a BSN from a 2 year, community college.
    A bachelor's degree is only awared from 4 year institutions.

    That said, Rhode Island has several options for BSNs depending on your background.
    URI, Rhode Island College, Salve Regina.

    For ADN or Diploma there are: St. Joseph's, New England Tech, CCRI.

    Why don't you look at the Rhode Island State Nursing Organization and talk with someone there for other opinions. Rhode Island State Nurses Association
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    Thanks so much for the help.

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