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  1. Hi, Anyone work at the VA home in Bristol? I was wondering how it is?
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  3. by   SirJohnny
    Hi there:

    - With respect to LPNs working at the Vet's Home.

    - Several issues ...

    - First, the hours are mid-8am, 8am - 4pm, and 4pm - noon. This is a little bit different than most nursing homes in Rhode Island.

    - Second, it can be a bear to drive the 20 miles from Providence to Bristol in the summer due to all the tourist traffic. Unfortunately, it's a little two lane road from the interstate down to Bristol. Lots of little town and traffic lights. Can take up to an hour to get from the interstate to the facility.

    - Third, the facility has many different sections. Some are lockdown, others are day programs with the residents sleeping at the facility overnight and then working day jobs. Med pass ranges from fairly simple to overly difficulty (but manageable). Lots and lots of insulin/diabetics with high insulin doses. A few traches here and there.

    - Place has/had lots of work (especially on the weekends) last two years (for agency LPNs).

    - If you get night shift, pre-pour your meds around 2am for the morning med-pass.

    Hope this helps,