Surgical &/or Operating Room Nursing

  1. 0 Hello, could Anyone tell me a good school in RI that I can attend to study the above. I have not taken any nursing courses.

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    How much time and money to you want to invest? A 2 year degree of 3-4 year degree. To do OR nursing most require a RN 2 year associates degree.
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    rnrao - well, i will be enrolling at netech next october in their associate in science surgical technology program. however, in order to work in my country (bermuda) i must be a rn with a bs degree. so that means i will have to go in a four year program. also i was told that after i have become a rn i will still have to go in to training to be a or nurse. can anyone tell me what the entails? is that more schooling or would i just try and get job in a hospital in the or and they train me there.

    i'm so glad i found the forum it is very helpful.

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    Some hospitals will train their own OR techs, others require CST.

    Most hospital ORs will train nurses in an orientation period.

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