Spring Acceptance at CCRI?

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    Does anyone know anything about being accepted for Spring '09 in Warwick? I don't even know if they have Spring acceptance because I can't talk to a human that can answer me. I was just told to reapply next year, the same generic e-mail that several other people have recieved after trying to contact admissions.

    I was an alternate for this semester, Fall '08, but I was never called. So I don't know if that status carries over to the next semester... Or what.

    I hadn't even thought of being called for the Spring until I just read SunNSand's post, congrats to her!!

    Have a great day everybody...

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    Just an update for anyone who was wondering the same thing...

    Here's the reply I received from admissions:


    The Nursing Dept. wants Enrollment Services to accept ONLY waiting list
    You can reapply for the Performance-Based Application Process starting
    in February 2009.


    So, yea, that's super.

    Again, .
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    That is terrible. I give you guys a lot of credit for dealing with the CCRI admissions process. That program needs an overhaul, IMO. The thing I like about RIC is that the admission process is cut and dry, no games.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you are accepted ASAP.

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