scary,do you know?

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    I have done a travel job back in 2004. Now that state is sending me lots of stuff in which I may be sued. I have considerable savings placed away for my retirement and other assests. I have just sold my home it looks as though I am really ignoring this..but does anyone know if there is an attorney who helps nurses?
    I frankly am scared to death that all my hard worked monies will be taken away.I f anyone knows please help.

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    I worked in this state for 8 weeks. Now the board is trying to contact me.
    I am afraid it is to place me or suspend me.
    The thing is I don't have a license in this state any longer and I am not a resident of this state.
    Along with that, I am no longer working as a nurse.
    Can the board do anything to me?
    just plain scared:uhoh21:
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    hello, lil judt,

    i know you are anxious regarding this issue.

    here are a couple links for you to seek out an attorney. we at cannot help you regarding legal issues. i do know, you do not need to ignore the bon. we wish you good luck.

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