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It's Official, got my call

  1. 1 Hi gang..

    Just wanted to boast a little bit! Until today I had only been told "everything looks good" for me getting in next spring, but today it happened!

    I got my call this morning from admissions in Lincoln telling me I am accepted for Spring 2010, Days in Lincoln!!!
    It seems like I have been working on my pre-reqs forever, but now it's finally paid off.

    They told me they won't actually be sending anything out and doing official processing of spring acceptances till
    probably October. Now I've got 5 months to get myself ready for the 2 year wild ride
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    How very exciting! Congratulations on your acceptance!
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    Welcome to nursing school! It's a ton of work, but an amazing experience! I'm in my maternity and psych rotations at RIC right now and I'm loving it!!
    Let us know if you ever need help/have questions. Congrats
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    Congrats!!! I'll see ya in the Spring!
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    That's Awesome!!!!!!
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    WAHOOO!!! Congrats!